Rangefinder Moment...

When you fall in love with making pictures using a Leica, you often find yourself subject to a certain amount of ridicule from naysayers who love to list all the negative perceptions associated with the brand and its persona. They will rattle off a list of all the technological “advances” that the camera lacks. Or how the camera is for doctors and lawyers who simply put them on a shelf and don’t take pictures. Of course the price is always subject to ridicule.

Well… I guess ignorance is bliss.

First, the image quality is sublime… and what I mean by image quality is not a pixel by pixel analysis… or comparing test charts and blown up segments… I mean image quality. The photo… the image… the “what you see is what you get.”

For the most part, a viewer doesn’t understand or won’t understand why or what is different. Yet I’ve seen the curious look on their faces… trying to figure out why the simplest image or subject is so compelling.

Of course to the Leica owner, the making of the photo with a Leica is an experience only they understand.

As someone who professionally takes over 100,000 photographs a year (only 10% with a Leica) I can tell you, shooting with my M9 is as enjoyable as a good cigar or single malt scotch… with one major difference. When you capture an image that’s important to you, like this one, the love affair is unmatched and lasts forever.

For me, photos like this make time stand still. I remember everything about the moment. The emotional connection to a photo like this is palpable. For me, only a rangefinder can produce this personal moment.

Sure, a lot of cameras might capture the picture. But I look at this picture and will always remember the exact moment I pressed the shutter. And that for me is a big deal.

Shot with available light at ISO 400 using a 50mm Summicron at f/2.8 and 1/60th sec.