58th Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring

Click on image to view multi-media slideshow presentationHere's a look back at this year's 12 Hours of Sebring. The shooting opportunities this year were literally endless. While we experienced cool weather in the early and later hours of the day, the sky remained clear and the light was fantastic.

From a personal viewpoint, what I like about endurance events like Sebring is they provide the opportunity to shoot at times of the day we don't typically get throughout the year. Most events are run in the early afternoon. Not the best lighting conditions for photography. Sebring, on the other hand, not only provides 12 hours of racing action, we have an early morning warm-up on race-day and a mandatory night practice earlier in the week. This year, the light and the weather cooperated  tremendously.

With the start of a new season, it seems you always want to get out and stretch… try new things and see what you can come up with that's different. Even though the cars change each year and the action is always unfolding in front of you, you still need to dig in and try to find a different point of view or "look" to your images. And, without wanting to sound egotistical, the longer you do this, the tougher it gets to top your previous efforts. You always want to improve… but the improvements tend to come in smaller increments and the gains tend to be more subtle.

This year my focus was on working the light. Shoot the cars, shoot the locations but really try and work with what the light was doing. With the early morning and sunset and twilight I made an effort to expose for the highlights. I wanted to see if I could get more shape by accentuating the direction of the light and how it played on the color, shape and texture of the subject matter. Endurance racing can get gritty and fatiguing… I wanted to capture that.

All-in-all, I'm very pleased with my results for the week. There were locations trade-offs made in the process and of course, I already know what I want to change next time. I know I can coax out a whole lot more… there's always more.

Here's a slideshow sample of the week