Canon 5D MK11 - In da House!

A new Canon 5D MK11 w/ vertical grip arrived from Roberts Imaging today. Just a heads up to let you know I'll be doing extensive shooting with this camera over the next three or four weeks. I want to see exactly what it's capable of and that includes trying to get my head around the HD video mode.

I can tell you right off that the full frame feature is off the charts. I threw a Canon 16mm-35mm f/2.8 L series lens on it right out of the box. I'm hear to tell you... 16mm is WIDE. I'm going to need a pedicure before shooting with this thing down at the beach.

I've done a quick run through of the menus and so far, everything appears fairly straight forward. While this camera certainly packs a ton of "new" technology, there are a lot of little whistles and bells that I'd put under the category of "features" as opposed to true "benefits. But, none-the-less it's a nice layout.

First impression left me thinking the camera is bit louder than other Canon's I've owned. Pretty good bang out of the shutter and mirror and the knurled knob that controls the aperture, shutter and ISO settings has a pretty severe ratchet sound too. I don't know if it will bother me... but the sounds are different.

I'll get out and do some basic shooting with it this weekend and try to post up a few images. Hopefully before I head to Lime Rock for the ALMS event next month I'll have a handle on the video section and see if we can't put together a short feature/clip.

Buckle up... this should be fun!