Credit Where Credit is Due... Canon CPS Rawks!

Everybody wants a deal... and everyone wants perfection. There's an old saying in business... "you can have it three ways... good, fast or cheap... pick two." And, to be honest, I have no problem with that. And over the years, I've opted for good and fast. Experience has shown that cheap is always cheap in more ways than one.

By the same token, when a waiter does a great job, or a service person goes the extra mile, I'm the first guy to stand up and say thank you. Today, I have the pleasure of doing just that.

I recently had three of my camera bodies fail in one form or another. Great... one race into the season and I've got camera issues. That's what my friend Peter De Lorenzo calls, a bowlful of NOT GOOD.

So, I get online and start gearing up for an afternoon of groveling with Canon repair service in hopes of getting quick turn around. Enter CPS or, Canon Professional Services.

CPS came under fire recently when they changed the parameters of their Pro service plan. Nobody likes change and as you'd expect, Canon took a hit around the internet on the photo forums and such. Personally, I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention. You can read the release HERE.

CPS is now a multi-level program with two of the levels being paid membership level of service. Among other requirements, to get quick turn-around you need to pay an annual fee. Guess what... not the big deal that all the internet rumble made it out to be.

To qualify for CPS you need to have to pro bodies (30D or higher) and at least three L series lenses. Seems like a fair set of standards. From their you can become a Gold level member for $100 per year. So what do you get for the $100?

  • EF Lens Work (beautiful book about Canon lenses)
  • 1 Rear/Body Cap set
  • CPS Pro Strap
  • Canon Pro Guidebook
  • CPS Datebook
  • CPS ID Card
  • CPS Pin
  • CPS Monopod Cover

You also get three-day turn-around on your repairs, free return (FedEx) shipping and two certificates for free cleaning and check up. You also get free loaners when available.

That's not bad for $100, right?

Ok... so you get get your money's worth. Here's what they don't tell you; I needed my cameras back quickly. I shipped on Tuesday... two of three were back in my hands by Friday. The third was at my door on Monday. And the repairs? UNBELIEVABLE. Honestly, they could have told me they replaced them with new ones. The work was well beyond my expectations. While I had outlined the specific issues, after addressing and fixing those issues, CPS went the extra mile. The returned each camera to as new condition. I was stunned.

The repair cost for each body was $130. So, for $490 which includes the 1 year CPS membership. I'm back in business with three virtually brand new cameras all operating to spec. I couldn't be happier.

And, I couldn't be happier saying THANK YOU to Canon and recommending the CPS program to anyone that qualifies. It's well worth joining.

For more information on Canon U.S.A., Inc.’s new Canon Professional Services program including qualification requirements and benefits for Silver, Gold, and Platinum level memberships, please check the CPS web page at: