Making Your Photos "Pop" Using Aperture's Adjustment Tools

Image Adjustments In Aperture from John Thawley on Vimeo.

Now we're in the off-season, I wanted to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I especially want to keep moving forward with fundamental photography tips and offer up advice for those that are using Apples Pro photo application, Aperture.

This week, I'll be discussing how to get the most out of your images using Aperture's adjustment tools. I'm delivering this tutorial via the new Quicktime feature in Apple's new OS, Snow Leopard. The new feature allows you to take a video of your computer screen activity. Of course, it can also be done using a microphone for the voice over.

So, not only will I be talking you through the steps, you will actually follow along while watching the process on my screen. So you get to see the adjustments and changes in real time and the before and after. I hope it will be helpful.

Keep in mind, what I'm demonstrating in this video is how to get the most "pop" out of your images. This is not about salvaging or saving a bad image.  It's also important to remember that this is all subjective and a matter of taste. You may not like the same "look" as I like.

What is important about the tutorial is it will give you the fundamental understanding of Aperture's adjustment tools and how each can or will affect your final image. Hopefully, I will provide you with a starting point to develop your own "secret sauce" to getting the most out of your images.

Enjoy the video.