2008 Year In Review

2008 just might be one of the last great years in motorsports we see for awhile. Not to launch into a "sky is falling" frenzy, but it is certain, like the auto industry itself, motorsports will face some very challenging times.

The global financial crisis seems to have pushed energy and energy efficiency (or lack of it) to the social, political and economic forefront. In turn, the auto racing "haters" now have real-time fodder to throw and the perfect storm the sport finds itself in leaves little room for cover. We're in it... we're in it deep. And, as attitudes and politics set their sails to popular winds, motorsports will need to find a tact that can withstand the changing tides.

So... with a positive eye on the future, hopefully my 2008 Year in Review will remind us all of the great times and inspire us to rise up and celebrate with optimism the challenge ahead. Enjoy the look back.