Commemorative Enzo Poster

This was a project for a client to commemorate the arrival and customer delivery of the new Enzo Ferrari. The two cars were arriving... one red, one yellow. It was decided we would do a commemoritive poster for the event and the client wanted both cars featured.

Keep in mind this was done in May of 2003, so techniques may have improved. I'm self taught, so I'm sure there may be others on the board that can contribute some short cuts or simpler ways to manage the project.

I will try to show steps... keep it simple. I'll show the red car and the poster.

The target. This was the shot we wanted to "match." It was the brochure cover from Ferrari. It appears they have lighted the interior and removed the windshield. Also they removed the wiper. It also appears to have a considerable amount of retouching.

Shot from the camera: The shot was taken from a ladder, hand-held using a Canon D60. It was a hazy mostly overcast day and I purposely shot a bit underexposed to be sure I didn't have any hot spots. ISO 100, 1/60 at f11 - 53mm using a 550EX flash.

Image #2 The car was selected using the magnetic lasso ... time about 90 seconds. Settings were 0% Feather, Width 10px, 10% edge contrast, 80 point frequency.

Image #3 Use magic wand with shift key to "add to" selection. Tolerance setting at 15... zoomed in around 300% Go around the car and screen to pick up missed sections or eliminate unwanted sections. May need some tolerance adjustment here and there. Final steps will smooth in the selection menu. [NOTE: I've highlighted the "selection" witth a red stroke to make it a little more visible]

Image #4 Used the wand to get tighter... will now use the freeform lasso to select small pieces... view at 300% or greater to simplify.

Image #5 Car selection complete. Total time approx. 10 minutes

Next, go into the Selection menu and choose Modify, Smooth. I usually smooth by 2 or 3 pixels... depending on the image. After smoothing... zoom in on the detail areas of the subject to make sure you haven't lost anything at the corners or in the radius of tight areas. If you have, zoom in and use the Magic wand to repair.

Now... for this image I wanted a black background. So, set the background to black. Now, in the selection menu choose Modify, then contract. Contract about 1 pixel. Now use the Feather tool in the Selection menu and Feather by 1 pixel. Next select Inverse from the Selection pull down menu.

Finally, hit the delete key and you'll be left with this. You can check your work by zooming in and looking for "debris."

Trust me, this took longer to write than do.

After polishing, the image is ready for the poster. This is the image that ended up being used on the poster. It might be off in color due to the cmyk source space etc.

Just for the record, to get closer to the look of the image of the red car, I laid the yellow image over the red and lowered the opacity to where I could see the red car through it. I then shifted the perspective of the yellow car a bit to match. I also lifted the headlight lenses from the red car and fit them to the yellow.

I'm pleased to say, my personal copy of the poster is signed by Pinnafarrina.... chief designer for every Ferrari ever built.