Road America: Friday

Friday's morning session found us shooting at the top of Canada Corners. Much to our chagrin, our entire dinnerparty from the night before were ALL attendance. So much for creativity. Truth is, though, Canada Corners offers lots of variety and shooting opportunities. You need to move around.... get into the woods a bit and of course, work the stairway. The big trick is keeping clear of getting a background full of corner works in the inside apex. The other spoiler is they all tend to park their personal vehicles down the short straight exiting the corner.

In addition to a good "through the trees" shot, I found two other angles I particularly liked. The "through the trees" shot required a really slow shutter to make it work. The trees tend to shift through the year and add or lose growth. So, you need to rethink the shot from year to year.

I also found a gap between two trees that provide a slightly uphill and going away pan that I like. The shadows added to the drama (to my mind) and gave a great look. I was also catching the cars between a couple of other photographers... I really liked the look of the shot.. but the photographers would change their positions and the shot also had a high degree of difficulty. So while it worked... the keepers weren't in abundance.

Lastly, I found a location (that I won't disclose) that provided me with a really nice wide shot back down the straight coming into Canada Corners. As loose as it looks, I shot it with my 500mm. I like this shot a lot. I like the shadows and like the curves of the track.

After lunch, I decided to shoot the Carousel. It's another turn at Road America that can give you a few different looks. One of my favorites is a wide pan shot that takes in the Snap-On bridge. There's an interesting shot here where if you shoot loose with the car nearly and equal distance between you and the bridge, the blur from your pan takes on a strange effect. I shot at a 1/60th though in hindsight, I wish I'd dropped down to 1/30th.

We stuck around after the on-track stuff to shoot the Road America bicycle event that benefits the Lance Armstrong foundation. Supposedly (and he swears he was there) Doug Fehan had a grudge match with Ollie Gavin... but the pair never found their way in front of my lens. We did catch Emanuele Pirro and his kids coming downhill at turn two. The light was magnificent to which I made note of for race day.