Road America: Thursday

Thursday I made my way over to Road America and our working office for the next three days... "the dog pound." This is a small room by the fueling station in the paddock that is an auxiliary media room created for photographers. I think that's because we're special. It's good though. All our friends are there. We're taking care of by Daniel, and the local shooters can view us all in one place... kind of like going to the zoo. "Yep... there they are... man, they're as ugly as we heard they were."

So we get set up... log onto the wireless. Then log onto the wireless... "hey, hey... is anyone online? Daniel, can you restart the router?" And so we begin.

First session of ALMS is early afternoon... and of course, the lighting sucks. Typically, I like to find a location that let me run through a variety of shots... some loose, a few head-ons, and some simple quick pans. I like to see what's going on... what the light is like.. the color etc. and figure out where I'm at and where I'm going. It's a two-hour session broken up with GT cars for a half hour, all four classes for an hour, then the prototypes for the last half hour.  I shot from driver's right on the stretch coming out of Canada Corners up to where the old drive over bridge used to be and then later in the session went up to the top of turn six... also driver's right. The light was actually better than I expected... I think the track is probably pretty far east in the central time zone... so it wasn't too bad. And, the trees surrounding the track in places made for some nice shadow play.

I did a little walk-around in the paddock using my Leica Digilux 3 and paid a few visits to teams and then it was off to dinner with a bunch of other photographers. Primarily Chris Clark, John Dagys and me were joining Rich Chenet, Keith Rizzo, Robin Thompson, Bob Chapman and Jimmy Sykes at "il Ritrovo." Richard Prince joined us along with John Machaquiero. Pity the poor waitress. LOL Regardless, we had a great meal and a good time. Ran a little long.. but if you're going to have some social time, Thursday is pretty much your only chance.