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If you're reading this, you're already aware of the changes to my website. This was not by accident or on a whim. After years of looking for the "right" solution, I'm happy to report I've finally managed to configure my web site to be a total online solution for my photography business needs. I've always wanted to offer a turn-key solution to clients and potential clients while also offering quality prints to fans.

Without going into all the gory details, the problem(s) included hi-resoltuion file storage and order fulfillment on the print side. With my travel schedule, it was impossible to have the right file at the right time in order to provide timely delivery.

On the digital side, again, having files accessible was a problem, but even getting images to agencies and potential buyers was a challenge. Let's face it, time standstill for no one... and even more so in the digital age.

So, I'm now happy to say that all the galleries presented on my site are completely e-commerce equipped allowing any image to be ordered as a print or a digital download with managed rights for commercial or editorial use.

This also means improved speed-to-market. Starting with the 2009 racing season, images from each event will be available through my galleries in virtual-real-time. My goal is to have 100 or so of my best images available within hours of the completion of each event. Fans, PR representatives, feature editors and agency media buyers will be able to access what they need and when they want it... 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Of course, the gallery section of the site is equipped with all the whistles and bells to help with the image selection process. Low-res comps can be downloaded for sharing with team members or they can be emailed. Users will be able to create Light boxes for comparing and viewing potential selections... and they may be saved.

Prints are available in four sizes and on three different papers, while digital downloads can be completed on the spot. The buyer will determine the the image size and use rights necessary to complete their project and the system will generate the appropriate fees and provide the method of payment. All online.

Of course, I'll be continuing to post to my journal and the front page slide show feature will be freshened after each race.

Hope you'll take a look around... and by all means, feel free to make a purchase. It does the soul good. :)