FREE iPhone Wallpaper


Hey kids… it's a FREE day. Yep… you heard it… the word we all love… F-R-E-E!

This one we owe a thanks to one of our Twitter buddies, David duChemin at Pixelated Image.

If you're crazy about the American Le Mans Series, and let's face it… who isn't, we're giving away a full set of iPhone wallpapers featuring some of my favorite images from the 2009 season.

All you have to do is follow this link, put in the password: SCI114! and you're there.

Next, just select the image you want of go for broke and click on the tab to Download All. You'll be prompted to create a folder for downloading to your desktop, and that's it… start your download.

To use the Wallpaper with your iPhone follow the instructions below.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Start iTunes, go to "Photos" tab on top and in there, tick "Sync Photos From" and select the folder you want to Sync photos from. Once selected. click on Sync in right corner at the bottom.

To set a photo as wallpaper by choosing Settings > Wallpaper > Wallpaper.

  1. Choose your folder and the desired photo and then tap Use As Wallpaper.
  2. You don't need to drag the photo to pan, or pinch the photo or zoom in or out, as these wallpapers were custom built to size as-is.
  3. Tap Set Wallpaper.

Of course, please respect our intellectual property. These iPhone wallpapers are available FREE. They may be downloaded for your personal use only. They may not be altered, redistributed or sold under ANY circumstances. Images and wallpaper remain the property of John Thawley. Downloading of these images implies no license or rights beyond personal use.

If you refer a friend or want to post information on your own site, please direct folks to this page only. Thanks.